Professor Alex Mirnezami

University of Southampton

Alex Mirnezami is Professor of Surgical Oncology in the University of Southampton and an Honorary Consultant Colorectal Surgeon. He has linked clinical and translational laboratory research interests, in the area of colorectal cancer and its progression and recurrence. His clinical area of interest is in locally advanced and locally recurrent colorectal cancers. His research interests are in microRNAs and their role in colorectal cancer progression, in particular stromal derived miRNAs, where he leads a lab with expertise in in vitro through to in vivo studies. He is also the CI on a number of clinical studies and local PI to others at his institution.

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Biomarkers of Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition and their clinical relevance in colorectal cancer

An important event in the metastatic cascade is epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT), a reversible phenotypic switch, which endows malignant epithelial cells with the capacity to break free from one another and invade the surrounding stroma.
Our understanding of EMT has been significantly improved by the characterization of miRNAs and the mission critical transcription factors that influence the signalling pathways and downstream events that define EMT on a molecular level.
This seminar describes the latest findings in this field and presents the latest results from our group highlighting the key prognostic and predictive potential of biomarkers of EMT.