• Revolutionising cancer research in 100 seminars
  • The latest treatments & technology from 150 exhibitors
  • Discover the developments saving the lives of current and future patients
  • Focusing on five key areas of oncology: Lung, GI, Head, Neck, Breast GU
  • Part of the UK's largest medical exhibition

Keynote Speakers

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  • British Paediatric Neurology Association: Oncology Convention Exhibitor

    British Paediatric Neurology Association

    Stand No: 9014

  • Neuroelectrics Barcelona S.L.: Oncology Convention Exhibitor

    Neuroelectrics Barcelona S.L.

    Stand No: 5032

  • DM Orthotics: Oncology Convention Exhibitor

    DM Orthotics

    Stand No: 8020

  • Neurophys Limited: Oncology Convention Exhibitor

    Neurophys Limited

    Stand No: 9032

  • AssisTech Sp. z o.o.: Oncology Convention Exhibitor

    AssisTech Sp. z o.o.

    Stand No: 7024

  • Neuroscience Trials Australia: Oncology Convention Exhibitor

    Neuroscience Trials Australia

    Stand No: 6010

  • Valtronic: Oncology Convention Exhibitor


    Stand No: 5033

  • Safespaces (Cornholme) Ltd: Oncology Convention Exhibitor

    Safespaces (Cornholme) Ltd

    Stand No: 2020

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